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Evangelical Manifesto Released

Today at the National Press Club, a group of 80 Christian leaders signed on and released An Evangelical Manifesto: A Declaration of Evangelical Identity and Public Commitment.  Justin Taylor wrote a summary, and Joe at EO also commented.  I agree with Joe on this point:...


What does forgiveness mean

Recently, I have been bombarded by the concept of forgiveness. Last night, I was flipping through the channels and absolutely nothing was on television. Not having cable, but having HDTV, I found myself over on the HD channels of PBS. One was showing a documentary...


Suffering: who to blame?

Recently scholars NT Wright and Bart Ehrman debated one of the great theological questions of all-time – the existence of suffering balanced with the existence of God. Many have left the Christian faith, including Ehrman, because they could not reconcile the suffering in this world...