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A reason to read Huffington Post2 min read

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For the most part the Huffington Post is a desert of serious thought with C list celebrities and D list writers seeing who can build the largest tinfoil hat to protect them from the evil Republican rays, but there is at least one oasis – Greg Gutfeld.

In his latest post, Gutfeld hilariously rips Planned Parenthood and allows the liberal commentors to illustrate the utter hypocrisy of the left.

You have to read the post. It is impossible to pull a quote from the piece that would do just for the entire column.

While the post is so funny and dead-on, what makes it even better is the comments.

Gutfeld has been the fly in the ointment for liberal readers of the Huffington Post. Usually they can go there and know they will get banal pap to reinforce all their preconceived ideas. Gutfeld forces them (as much as possible when reading him is entirely voluntary) to think about their positions and they don’t like that.

He harasses them in his posts and even in his bio, which actually houses a second “hidden” blog. Here’s one of his latest quotes from the bio-blog commenting on the Osama tape and some of his fellow Huffington Post bloggers:

Here’s a fact: take a transcript of Bin Laden’s words, post it on the Huffpo under Deepak’s, Ari Emmanuel’s, Conyers’s or Alterman’s name, and it would have gotten a hundred fawning comments from the lazy gasbags who read their drivel.

He is so brazen that Gufeld brings out the very worst among the commentors. After the Planned Parenthood post, the liberals began to beg Arianna Huffington to remove Gutfeld from the blog.

The “champions of free speech” are reduced to asking that someone they disagree with be eliminated from a blog. While calling what Gutfeld writes “fascist [and] anti-democratic,” the commentors are asking for him to be removed because they disagree with him. Does that strike anyone as odd or ironic at all? Did they not actually read and think about their comments before posting them?

Here’s hoping that Gutfeld continues to poke at the crazies on the Huffington Post. He’d just better make sure he keeps either the internet or a cage between himself and them.