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Planned Parenthood Giving “Secret” Abortions2 min read

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Pphgirl3_1 Sadly, my home state voted down Prop 73, which would have required parental notification for the surgical procedure known as abortion.  This type of error comes from the errant pro-choice view of unlimited abortion rights – they have no concept of limited rights, which is necessary to protect us all.  Today, thinking pro-choice advocates are even questioning this illogic:

I no longer see abortion as directly related to sexual freedom or feminism, and I no longer see it strictly as a matter of personal privacy, either. It entails questions about life — maybe more so at the end of the process than at the beginning, but life nonetheless.

But what is much much worse are these taped phone calls with Planned Parenthood, which uncover the fact that Planned Parenthood fails to report statutory rape (like the 14 year old girl calling to get an abortion of the child she is carrying from her 22 year old boyfriend).  Isn’t PP supposed to report such crimes?  But when you are a party to killing, statutory rape probably seems as benign as stealing a piece of candy.

I think PP should be investigated, and litigated against as mercilessly as they have killed the unborn.  I look forward to a day without PP, and certainly without government funding of an organization whose good deeds of "educating" and providing "health care" are far outweighed by their murderous moneymaker, abortion.  Better to give the money to expand the many Pregnancy Support Centers that actually have the interest of mother, father, and child at heart.