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Feminists for Life1 min read

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Ffl_2Feminists for Life is a non-religious organization that does not support the radical anti-motherhood, anti-human rights (a.k.a. "pro choice") stance of women’s organizations like NOW.  They embrace the great advances of feminism, while holding on to their respect for life.  From their site:

Did you know the early feminists – people like Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Mary Wollstonecraft – were pro-life?

"Sweeter even than to have had the joy of caring for children of my own has it been to me to help bring about a better state of things for mothers generally, so their unborn little ones could not be willed away from them."  – Susan B. Anthony

See this article and video from  And check out this quote:

We refuse to choose between women and children.  We refuse to choose between sacrificing our education and our careers for our family….Our focus is to systematically eliminate the reasons that drive women to abortion.
The Narrow also has a nice post on Postfeminism and Mommies.