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Are you more passionate now than when you were young?2 min read

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arrowI’m not talking about eros, I’m talking about being passionate for accomplishing something worthwhile in your life. Most of us are not – we’ve lost the idealism and energy of youth, and have accumulated emotional injuries, debts, and relationships that keep us busy, if not weigh us down instead of give us wings.

So many things need to be fixed, I know. But when it comes to spiritual passion, we’ve got to go back to the root – that is, get back to an intimate relationship with God. And here’s a simple exercise you can do – once, and then daily for a few weeks. Try it.

1. Remember

Remember who you were when you were young – what were you crazy about? What activities just made you lose track of time? Who are you deep down? What kind of life did you want to live? Now that you are older and know more about yourself, the world, and what makes for meaningful living, what kind of life do you dream of?

And if you had a born-again experience, how did you feel directly before and AFTER your conversion? What kind of person were you? Yes, probably naive and pushy, but did you also dream of doing some great things for God? You should start dreaming again, and remember that God is still that excited about you!

2. Repent

The good feelings motivate us, but the accretion of anger, bitterness, possessions, and worldly goals has shriveled our hearts – and the best way to get rid of these is to admit to ourselves and God that they are sin, and we should throw them as far from ourselves as we can.

And turn back to God, and simplify our hearts by getting back to what matters.

3. Re-vision

That’s right – we started getting fired up again, we started the process of shedding attitudes and sins that are bad for us. Now, we need to take the time, over months or years, to forge and pursue new goals that fit our life into the mission of God – that is, to know him and to make him known – to make disciples of others so that they too can know the power of His resurrection.

Now get on it.