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PODCAST: Taking Refuge In God – Psalm 311 min read

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lighthouse2Have you ever been so stressed or sad that you felt like you were losing years off of your life? That real life was so hard you wanted to just let all of your responsibilities slide so you could hide until the storm passed? You are not alone, and God knows and sees, and cares for the anguish of your soul.

This short sermon shows us that we can learn a lot from the lyrics to a song, specifically, Psalm 31. The main points covered are:

  1. In hard times, run TO God, not AWAY
  2. Ask for Guidance
  3. Give your entire life to God
  4. Reject every false way
  5. Remember that God sees and cares
  6. Pour out your complaints to God
  7. Trust Him to do something!
  8. Love Him and persevere

Below are the PPT and DOC worksheet I prepared. Enjoy.


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