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9/12 Commemorative Poster

Freedomworks.com is now taking pre-orders for it's nice poster commemorating the 'historic' anti-big-government march on Washington D.C. this month. "The people are our only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." Thomas Jefferson


Confirming all the stereotypes

Many conservatives ridiculed some Obama supporters for their seemingly religious devotion to a politician. Some conservatives also expressed concern (at least) over the President's speech to school children. The Left has defended themselves against such attacks by maintaining that no one really worshiped Obama and...


Can we all agree …

that no one who has signed a Birther or Truther petition should be tolerated within our government, either as an elected official or as an appointed adviser? And also, if it comes to light that someone did sign one of those documents and participated in...


GOP should support Obama on Afghanistan

Two former Bush Administration officials are calling on Republicans to resist the political urge and growing historical tendency to refuse to support wars when the opposing party is in control of the executive branch.


Meet the old birther same as the new birther

I have detailed in great depths my distaste for and distrust of the "birther movement,' as defined as those individuals, predominately conservatives, who believe that our President is not qualified to be in that role because he has lied about some detail of his birth,...


Sen. Ted Kennedy RIP

Ted Kennedy was passionate about the things he believed. I did not agree with him on virtually any issue, but I respected his desire to implement ideas which he believed would help his nation. While his death should not cause anyone to change political positions,...

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