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If Bush is evil, you are stupid4 min read

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The List Universe had an interesting open question, entitled Your View: Who is the Most Evil Man?  Of course, the usuals showed up – Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mohammed – but some people have been including GW Bush in that list.  After reiterating a list of Bush’s probable sins (including eating live babies ;), one commenter went on to explain why such a claim is historically ignorant, if not just moronic. 

This goes along with my observation that many on the left can not tell the difference between their political opponents and real evil – they group Islam and Christianity together as if they were the same, for example, failing to discern the real threat of Islam while overstating the threat of xianity – to them, they are "of the same essence, but differing only in hue" or some such nonsense.  Such self-deception is not helpful in fighting real evils, vs. the imaginary and fearful catastrophes liberals imagine if we return to conservative, biblical public policy.

Here’s the comment (#243) by Loose Cannon:

But every once and awhile, the most incredibly moronic statements come out and I feel obliged to point it out.

Such as this one:

Bush is the most evil living leader followed by Kim Jong-Il

I have to question anyone’s sanity or level of education when they
would choose to live in Kim Jong-il’s North Korea over GW. Bush’s
America, which is essentially what this writer is saying.

I doubt the original writer of that statement will come back to reply,
so I will address to anyone who post’s GW. Bush as the most evil living
or historical person:

While Bush is very unpopular, might have brought us into a war that was
completely unnecessary, has enacted policies that have striped some of
our most treasured human rights, enriched his cronies at the cost of
current and future American taxpayers, authorized torture to be used on
suspected terrorists, planned and executed the most devious and skilled
terrorist act ever committed, sacrificed goats on an alter, and eaten
live babies (did I miss anything?), even if guilty of all these things,
Bush would still not be any closer to the most evil person in history
then LBJ or FDR.

Look, folks, there’s a difference between disliking someone for their
political beliefs and considering them on par with the ‘Prince of
Darkness’. For all of us, we still have the luxury to use our
computers, log into websites like this, and post our dislike for Bush.
None of us here lack the ability to sit upright and type our hatred of
the Bush Administration, from lack of available food. No one here has
made any mention of their families or friends being rounded up and
shipped out to concentration camps or simply shot.  Furthermore, it
would seem all of us here either can afford a computer, electricity and
an ISP, or have access to one that does. I would say we are infinitely
better off then anyone who lived under Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao or
Kim Jong Il.

It’s so unfortunate that some people in this world have been so skewed
in their thought process that they can only see the tree, instead of
the entire forest. Whatever the cause, insanity, incredible ignorance
or blinded hatred, they really need to take a look around them and
realize how good they have it.