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All’s fair in love and fake sniper fire2 min read

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It seems like it has been all Obama, all the time, so I thought I would give Hillary a little attention. She finally decided to give her take on the Rev. Wright fiasco and accidentally I suppose it just happened to coincide with the breaking of her own little scandal – claiming she was dodging sniper fire in a war zone while she was actually hugging this little girl in a welcoming ceremony.

In saying she went to Bosnia and flew in under sniper fire, she didn’t "misspeak" or make a "mistake" or "misremember" or any other euphemism her spin team can make up. She lied. Flat out. Bald faced. LIE.

Here’s Col David Hunt, who was in charge of securing the air base where Hillary landed under imaginary sniper fire. Needless to say, he’s not too happy.

But politically, here’s the problem for Obama supporters. We, and everyone else, expects this from Hillary. Anyone who halfway pays attention to politics knows that Clintons lie and they will do so at the drop of a hat if it can help them politically. She’s a known commodity and this doesn’t bring us any new information.

Obama was (is) running as an agent of change, someone who could bring the nation together – the Healer in Chief. For many, it was shocking to hear his pastor and spiritual adviser for 20 years speak with such hatred and vitriol.

For better or worse, wrong or right (no pun intended), the Wright story will hang around longer than the bogus snipers in Tuzla. Part of the reason is the higher expectations people had (have) for Obama. They know Clinton is going to lie. They didn’t (don’t) think Obama would associated himself so closely with hate speech.

If nothing else, the Democratic primary has been entertaining or at least intriguing in a can’t-look-away-from-the-train-wreck kinda way.