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Neo-fundy Doctrines?1 min read

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fundamentalismRecently, I wrote a piece on various issues, and where various groups stand on them – I outlined the far left, left, right, and far right positions.  I also outlined what I thought were the characteristics of my new whipping boy, neofundamentalism.

However, today, after a stimulating lunch with my neo-fundy friend, it has become clear to me that more moderate evangelicals like me consider most to the RIGHT of us “neo-fundamentalists”, but the true old-school fundamentalists consider those to the LEFT of them “neo-fundamentalists” because they reject plenary inspiration, among other doctrines.  Clear?

I thought to map some issues to various Christian camps.  What do you think?  Click on the image to get the big pic.  Note that GREEN is where I am (and where I think we should all be ;), YELLOW is acceptable but edgy, ORANGE is dangerous or unhealthy, and RED is probably apostate or cultish extremism.