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Hyperfundy Watchdog Site Goes Away1 min read

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I found out today that one of my "favorite" neo-fundy whipping boys, Slice of Laodecia, has closed it’s doors.  I must say, in one sense, I am relieved when such unhealthy watchdog sites disappear, of course, but like a hydra, there are ten more to step in it’s place.  So in case you are interested in getting your fill of unadulterated negativism masquerading as service to God, you can always check out Old Truth, Apprising Ministries, and Sharper Iron.  Of course, I can’t give a total thumbs down to these guys, but both have been writers for Slice, and in some of their work, make the same grave errors I have discussed previously. 

If you want to read some healthy watchdog or fundy sites, try checking out John Ankerburg (creepy plastic white hair, but good interviews and materials), Spiritual Counterfeits Project, Fundamentally Reformed, and Neo-Fundamenalist.