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GW Bush is my hero when it comes to immigration1 min read

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GWB has enraged conservatives by calling them on their fear tactics and the abuse of the word “amnesty” when referring to the current bill, and even went so far as to imply that if you are against the current bill, you are against America.  And I want to be the first conservative to say that Bush is right!  While this bill is not perfect, it’s a huge step in the right direction.  It’s comprehensive in that it covers security, immigration process, the need for temporary workers, and the plight of existing illegals here in the US.

As I mentioned in An Open Letter to Michelle Malkin, the conservative opposition to providing a path to citizenship for honest Mexicans who have been working and living here for years (and many have paid income taxes the entire time) is inhuman, impractical, and laced with the criminalization of people who are merely trying to provide a life for their families.

As a side note, I wonder how liberals will try to attack Bush’s motives for this stand he is taking against his party.  I’m sure they won’t give him credit for thinking for himself – maybe big business is in his pocket telling him what to say on this issue?