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What is an IRED?1 min read

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An IRED is an Improvised Rectal Explosive Device – that is, a new way of concealing an explosive.  Yesterday, a suicide bomber tried to kill a Saudi Prince with an explosive in his anus.  Unfortunately, this directed the blast downward, probably launching the attacker's body parts into the air.  The Prince was only injured.

The latest Shire Network News podcast ("Protecting the angloshpere through satire") has a wonderful piece on this, reminding us that this gives the term 'explosive discharge' a new meaning, and that we should probably not respond to requests from strangers who ask us to pull their finger.  I won't spoil the other wonderful word-plays in the podcast, but this will certainly make Alqueda the butt of a slew of new jokes – IRED?  I bet you are.   Way worse than getting too much hot sauce on your falafel.  Enjoy.