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Why Europe will be Muslim in a decade, and why secularism can’t help2 min read

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Americaalone According to the alarming video below, most of anglo Europe is close to negative population growth, and so low that it won’t recover it’s population anyway for over a century even if it does bring up it’s birth rate.  Worse, the populations of these countries are growing from Muslim immigration, and at the current rate, most of Europe will be majority Muslim before the decade is out.

What caused this problem?  Liberal, selfish individualistic, anti-child values keep the child count low, and abortion on demand kills 4000 children a day here in the states – I’m not sure how many are murdered in Europe.

As Christians, our call to action should be to

  • Change our own anti-child and anti-biblical views of children
  • Influence our culture to do the same
  • Fight abortion on demand, as well as teen pregnancy

Want to renew  your mind regarding children?  Start here:

As Bill Bennet’s bestseller America: The Last Best Hope indicates, Europe itself may already be lost to Islamization, although Fjordman thinks that we can Defeat Eurabia.  Mark Steyn echoes Bennet in America Alone, believing that only the Evangelicals in the US can reverse the Islamization of the west, because Europe is too far gone.

The sad fact is, Europe may already be lost.  But China may be God’s
miracle in transforming Islam from it’s own back door – see Islam’s Worst Nightmare – Not America, but Christian China.

But check out the video after the jump.  Scary.  As Christians, we
need to get much more serious about reaching our lost Muslim neighbors
with the gospel, and can be heartened by such efforts as that of Persian Ministries International, who are seeing Christian Revival in Iran.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Why can’t secularism help? Honestly, I am all for sending not only Christianity, but secularism with it – a cocktail of both, if you like.  I think that secularism can act as a great hedge against Christian extremism, while only Christianity can address the spiritual questions and vacuum of Islam and secularism itself.