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The Myth of Homosexual Monagamy1 min read

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This book based on a scientific study has been out since 1984, but I wanted to reiterate it in order to show one thing – that homosexuality is not only pathological, but when same-sex marriage advocates push for marital rights, they are trying to tell us that long-term, loving gay MONOGAMOUS relationships are a reality.  But as the study discussed in Long Term Gay Relationships shows:

McWhirter and Mattison spent five years studying 156 male couples – 312 individuals – “in loving relationships lasting from one to thirty-seven years” (p. ix)….not a single couple reported sexual fidelity lasting longer than five years (p. 252}.

When asked why they want sex outside the relationship, here are some of the answers they gave (pp. 253):

  • “All my sexual needs are not met by my partner. Sex together gets boring at times, and I need new material for my fantasies.”
  • “My partner is not really my sexual type. I still like to have sex with a certain type of guy.”
  • “It’s fun and adventure. The more variety and number of partners, the more adventure and fun.”
  • “I have some kinky sexual interests that my partner doesn’t share.”
  • “We have found that having sex with others often enhances our sex together afterward.”