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Why do many blacks applaud Rev. Wright?1 min read

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The view from outside of the black liberation theology camp is that people are cheering Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jermiah Wright, because:

  1. It is easier to respond to racism and hate with one’s own brand of racism – rather than really following the high road shown by MLK Jr., it is much easier to give in to the impatient and selfish hate-for-hate rhetoric of those like Farrakhan and race-baiters like Wright.
  2. Many in the black community seem to like to choose such anti-heroes like Wright, because real heroes like Bill Cosby, Juan Williams, and Clarence Thomas ask people to forsake the victim mentality and blame shifting, and take responsibility for their lives.
  3. Wright is being championed for the same reason that some in the black community embraced O.J. Simpson – because he took on ‘the man,’ i.e.’whitey’, and got away with it. People who embrace a victim mentality choose heroes who will reinforce their perspective, and who will rejoice in rebellion against authority rather than in what is truly right.