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Idols praise God?1 min read

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How about idols sing praise songs? Those sentiments seem fairly strange – almost as strange as the actual fact. The eight finalist on American Idol sang the popular praise song “Shout to the Lord” to close out their charity show last night.

I didn’t watch it live, as I stopped caring about AI a long time ago. However, the show has always been intriguing with a wide variety of singers from diverse backgrounds. You have had the bad boys and the ex-strippers, but most of the winners and a large portion of the finalists have been at least nominally Christian and began singing in church. While many have been overtly Christian and open about their faith. Others had experience in the Christian music industry such as last season’s winner Jordan Sparks.

I just thought it was interesting. Here’s the video. One thing adds to the oddity. They changed the opening line from “My Jesus” to “My Shepherd” while keeping all the references to “Lord,’ “Savior” and all the other obvious Christian imagery. I guess Jesus still is “a stumbling block.”

Exit question: Did they pass an offering plate?