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Transgender Rights override women’s rights1 min read

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Women's rooms used to be a haven for women, a place to get away from the sexualized atmosphere created by men.  This changed a little with the lesbian movement, but now, transgender sensibilities are further trampling into the safe spaces for women.

In New York City, homeless shelters are allowing men who "feel more comfortable as women" to use women's restrooms and dormitories.  The problem with this, of course, is that women want to feel safe away from men, even if those men "feel like" women.  These new trans-gender policies allow potentially sexually confused trans men or sexual predators (tran or faking it) to sleep near women and children (many women don't care what you say, they know that testosterone makes men more sexually aggressive even if they "feel like" women).

What can we do?  We can either separate men and women by their God-given biology, or we need to create new spaces for the now FOUR possible genders.

If we create rest rooms and dorms for these new genders, we could probably use the following signs: