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The Feminist Mistake: A scholarly, Christian evaluation of the feminist movement1 min read

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Mary Kassian, author and professor at Southern Baptist Seminary (they allow women to be Professors there? ;) has just published a well-received evaluation of feminism entitled The Feminist Mistake: The Radical Impact of Feminism on Church and Culture.

You can read the CBMW’s two part interview with Mary Kassian, as well as Tim Challies review at Amazon, in which he says:

The Feminist Mistake, by Mary Kassian traces the rise of feminism
through the twentieth century. It shows how a movement at first
designed to protect women’s rights, soon morphed into a movement of
incredibly destructive power – a movement that has ultimately caused
great harm to society and to the church. "Looking back over the past
fifty years is a sobering exercise. Feminism was the dream that
promised women happiness and fulfillment. But I suspect … we would
find that women are unhappier and less fulfilled than ever. The
feminist paradigm simply does not match the reality of who God created
women and men to be. Hence it cannot deliver on its promise"