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Passionate Housewives: debunking the myth of the androgynous power woman1 min read

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Vision Forum
, one of my favorite world view and homeschool publication organizations, has published a new book entitled Passionate Housewives Desperate for God: Fresh Vision for the Hopeful Homemaker.  CBMW has a nice review:

Along the way, McDonald argues that "evangelical feminism" is merely a baptized version of its secular counterpart.

"Like a filthy and unruly stray dog on bath day, feminism has been
scrubbed and perfumed and presented to us as biblical," she writes.

"The biblical directives given to women to be wives, mothers and
keepers of the home are minimized or set aside as quaint but
unnecessary options. Although they still view homemaking as a
legitimate life choice, in their opinion it certainly shouldn’t be
viewed as enough and definitely not the best."