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Just in time for Valentines Day1 min read

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Do you women ever wonder why us men tend to ignore your requests for help around the house or even to do the exact opposite? Well we now have the answer – we were born that way.

“Yes honey, I know you asked me to cut the video games off, but according to new research at Duke university I have unintentionally reactance to your requests where I resist social influences that I subconsciously perceive as a threat to my autonomy.”

What did finding all of this information do – absolutely nothing. Take the married couple who were over the study:

Chartrand believes her husband “should now be better equipped to suppress his reactant tendencies.” Fitzsimons, however, believes the results “suggest that reactance to significant others is so automatic that I can’t possibly be expected to control it if I don’t even know it’s happening.”

Science is amazing. Eventually the only thing that will continue to be our fault will be global warming.