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Unprotected – UCLA Psychiatrist Warns of Dangers of Pre-marital Sex2 min read

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Dr. Miriam Grossman is Campus Psychiatrist as UCLA, and has written a new book entitled Unprotected, in which she outlines the damage she sees among college youth who engage in premarital sex.   She calls for a war on risky behavior, in the form of improved sex education.  She says that shows like Friends and Sex in the City teach kids that those lifestyles are fun and safe, when they are not.  She also talks about "the biochemistry of bonding," and how the female hormone oxytocin released during sexual interaction is the same hormone released during nursing and childbirth, and is meant to form emotional bonds, and casual sex then causes women to feel depression when detaching from a partner.

Feel free to view an interview with Dr. Grossman on the 700 Club. 

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on the more common practice of "hooking up" – casual sex among youths
is even more in vogue now than in the past, and ignoring traditional
morality comes at a high cost.  Dr. Grossman is mentioned, and quoted
as saying that, while campus health counselors can warn students about
the dangers of drugs or overeating, they don’t warn about the risks of
sex, even when "protection" is used.  She says that this failure to
warn youth about casual sex is not based on medical, but ideological
grounds, and we should be more willing to warn students about casual
sex and high-risk sexual behaviors.