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ID Commits to Theistic Evolution1 min read

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Evolutionary thinkers love to conflate creationism and intelligent design. But in a recent post on Uncommon Descent, Dave Scott is really trying to distance himself from any religious underpinnings.  But his stand on descent from a common anscestor will definitely alienate any creationist supporters.  Is this just another trojan horse to fool the evolutionists?  You know, pretend we are arguing to fool the evolutionists into thinking that IDers are also anti-creationist?  I’m sure some evolutionist will posit such a conspiracy.
The plain conclusion of scientific evidence supports descent with modification from a common ancestor. You are certainly welcome to have other opinions based on faith in something other than science but I’d ask that you go to a religious website with them if you must talk about it. … nothing but religion argues against descent with modification from a common ancestor. What we are fighting is the idea that the modification was unguided.
There you have it.  Scoott, and by extension, Wm. Dembski, says ID is theistic evolution.  Or so it would seem.