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If I Clone Myself, Is He My Property?1 min read

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I am enjoying Dilbert creator Scott Adams’ blog.  Today, he asks some interesting questions about cloning.  Behind the humor is a great question – if my skin cells are mine to dispose of, how about my clone?  Can I use him for spare parts?  At what point does the clone become their own person with rights?  Of course, this is really just the abortion question with a twist.

Adams brings up some theological questions to which there are easy answers, like does a clone have a soul?  Even funnier is the question – if I am gay and in love with my clone, can we marry?  Now there’s an ethical dilemma for you ;)  Is that incest, or merely narcissism?  I guess since there’s no chance of procreation, why not?  Heh. 

What’s scary is that we will actually have to deal with these ethical decisions brought on by science run amok without guiding ethics.  Things like human chimeras.  Good thing Senator Brownback introduced the Human Chimera Prohibition Act this year.