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EBCS – Evangelical Blog Championship Series6 min read

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In college football, the BCS is used to determine the national champion and which teams play in the top bowls. This year seems to have ended with little controversy. But, what would happen if there was an EBCS (Evangelical Blog Championship Series)? Who would play (blog?) for the championship? Who would make it? Who would get snubbed?

May I present to you, the EBCS bowl game breakdown.

In the Blogger Fiesta Bowl we have a match-up of bloggers with a partnership – the consumate blogging pastor David Wayne’s JollyBlogger versus the legendary Adrian Warnock’s UK Evangelical Blog.

Adrian has been blogging since April 2003. He serves as the Community Administrator for the Blogdom of God. At the forefront of the Christian blogosphere since the beginning, Adrian writes with the thought of a theologian and the skill of a professional writer. He has been recognized throughout the blogosphere for his posts and contribution to the Christian blogosphere dialogue.

Adrian Warnock’s blog would be a challenge for anyone to take down, but if it can be done the JollyBlogger would be the one to do it. David has formed a partnership with Adrian. What better way to know your opponent? The JollyBlogger is a place to read about theology and pop culture, deep philosophical wonderings and thoughts on a lego church. That makes him tough to beat.

Just looking at the numbers, Adrian appears to have a slight advantage. He is ranked 6 in the Blogdom of God and 141 in the TLB Ecosystem. David is 21 in the Blogdom and 308 in the Ecosystem. Regardless of the numbers this should be a fantastic match-up between partners and friends.

The TypePad Sugar Bowl will feature an outstanding match-up between a one-man blogging crew and a powerful group blog. Tim Challies’ will face off against In The Agora. started in June 2003 has been an influential force ever since. Tim spends much of his life on the web as a blogger and a web designer. His deep, thought provoking post are spread all over the Christian blogosphere. Not only do his readers get to read his work many get free books through his monthly contests.

How could a blog that is barely a year old hope to challenge Tim? When that blog happens to be a group blog started by one of the pioneers of Christian blogging. Joshua Claybourn has been blogging since March 2002. He developed into one of the most read blogs on the internet. He took a huge risk by all-but shutting down his site and forming a group blog, In The Agora. Along with Joshua, ITA added other talented bloggers and has continued the excellence that began at Joshua’s old blog.

The tale of the tape makes me believe this will be a tight battle. is 5 in the Blogdom of God and 126 in the Ecosystem. In The Agora is 11 in the Blogdom and ranked 113 by TLB.

Possibly the most interesting match-up will take place in the WordPress Orange Bowl. In a battle of satirical versus serious, Scott Ott from ScrappleFace goes one-on-one with LaShawn Barber’s Corner.

Since September 2002, close to 8 million visitors have endangered their computer screens by reading Scott’s hilarious take on the news. He is consistently ranked in TLB’s top 20 and is virtually always listed as one of, if not the, funniest blogs. Scott not only uses his platform to make people laugh, he has also used it to raise money for both tsunami and hurricane victims.

Anyone who is anybody in the blogosphere knows and reads LaShawn Barber’s Corner. She is linked and talked about by all the biggest names in the blogosphere (not just the Christian blogosphere). She has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows. LaShawn has worked with MSNBC as their blog correspondent. Her no-holds-barred posts have inspired conversation and even hatred. Love her or hate her, everyone knows about LaShawn Barber’s Corner.

The rankings give a slight edge to LaShawn, but not by much. ScrappleFace is ranked 12 in the Blogdom and 17 by TLB. LaShawn is number 3 in the Blogdom and 16 in the Ecosystem.

Finally in the granddaddy of them all, the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem Rose Bowl, the mentor will square off against his pupil. Hugh Hewitt, the Godfather of the Christian blogosphere, will take on Joe Carter’s Evangelical Outpost.

Countless blogs got their start by reading either Hugh’s blog or his books. He is a nationally syndicated radio host with millions of listeners and millions of readers on his blog. He virtually started the Christian blogosphere. His political and cultural commentary are viewed as essential by all the important people.

If there’s one person that knows how to beat Hugh Hewitt, it would be Joe Carter of the Evangelical Outpost. He holds nothing but respect for Hugh, even starting a group for Hugh Hewitt inspired blogs. But if a blog could knock off the king, it would be the Evangelical Outpost. EO has become the daily stop for the Christian blogosphere to the point where it sets much of the discussion for Christian bloggers. Joe can post on philosophy, bioethics, art, technology, theology and basically anything else. He is generous with links (Outtakes) and seemingly unless information (Yak Shaving Razor).

This is the championship game for the ages. While Joe is most linked blog in the Christian blogosphere (Hugh is 4), Hugh is ranked 7 spots higher than Joe in the Ecosystem (8 to 15).

The match ups are:
Blogger Fiesta Bowl – JollyBlogger vs. Adrian Warnock’s UK Evangelical Blog

TypePad Sugar Bowl – vs. In The Agora

WordPress Orange Bowl – ScrappleFace vs. LaShawn Barber’s Corner

Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem Rose Bowl – Hugh Hewitt vs. Evangelical Outpost

Who should win? Who was left out? Vote like Democrats in Detroit, early and often.

UPDATE: Welcome ScrappleFace readers. Scott needs all the help he can get. He said, “LaShawn will kick my satirical posterior…especially since I will vote for her. She’s great.”