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Civil Unions Between Mother / Daughter2 min read

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The Times of London quotes a woman who is asking – why can’t I get a civil union with my daughter so that I could give her the financial benefits that I want to give her?  Albert Mohler discusses it in his Nov 28 podcast (scan up to minute 11).  The woman asks some good questions:

I’m pro civil partnerships for gays — but why can’t I sign up to one with my daughter?… If I were gay, I could pop into a lesbian dive, pick up a cute little chickie, install her in my home and then, giddy with optimism and desire, trot her off to the register office a month later and make her my civil partner. Romance aside, by doing so I would be protecting the person I love most from the potential for financial disarray that, quite sensibly, is a frequently given reason for wanting to do it at all.

Mohler argues that you can’t logically stop with same sex romantic (i.e. gay) couples.  If not allowing gays to marry is discriminatory, then not allowing anyone who cares for someone else (daughter, sister, niece, nephew) is also discriminatory.  That pretty much unravels marriage altogether.  Also, it means you are discriminating against polygamists and polyamorists.  If you don’t draw the line at the union of a man and woman, then how do you draw the line?  What is marriage worth, then?  Is the family unit with mother and father really unnecessary?