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Natural Selection Favors Conservatives2 min read

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Nov. 18th’s version of The Week magazine has an interesting article entitled The Baby Bust.  It opens with a very interesting query:

In the 1970s, sociologists warned that overpopulation was the greatest threat facing humanity. Today, birth rates are dropping around the globe, and experts speak darkly of “depopulation.” What’s wrong with fewer people?

Of note are three things

  • Population Growth In Poor and Islamic Countries:  While western countries are declining in population, Islamic and poor countries are increasing.  This means more people being born in unstable, oppressive regimes, which means one thing – more people willing to go to war and do jihad.  BAD.
  • Population Growth in Segments of U.S.:  In the U.S. we are barely climbing, but what is interesting is that whites are not replacing themselves, while Latinos are doing a good job of creating kids.  This means that by 2040 or so, whites will be a minority in the U.S., not just in California.  While this is neither bad nor good, it is interesting.  What will a Latino USA look like?  More dancing, more food, and more sexy women?  Hehe.  Have you seen that episode of the Simpsons where they show the protestant and Catholic versions of heaven?  The Protestant side is austere, while the Catholic side is full of Latinos playing music, hitting pinatas, etc.  Funny.
  • Liberal and Conservative:  In the U.S., liberal (blue) states are not replenishing their numbers with childbirth, while the red states are.  This just goes to show you that liberalism doesn’t lead to greater survival and fertility, but instead, is being selected against ;) Heh.  Hoisted on their own petard.