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Continuing the Intelligent Design Debate1 min read

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Nancy Pearcey, author of Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity, weighs in on the debate over Intelligent Design with an excellent article in Human Events entitled "Why Intelligent Design Will Win". Read the whole thing.

[Sorry, I wanted to add a little to this post – danielg]

To summarize her main points:

  1. The affirmation of design is good for science.
  2. Contrary to the way it is often portrayed, ID does not thrive on "gaps" in science but rather on the growth of science.
  3. ID incorporates the insights of the high-tech world of information theory. [Previously discussed in Science’s Third Wave]
  4. ID recovers the unity of truth [Darwinism can’t be integrated with a coherent and positive ethic – it is disconnected from other truth because it is untrue.  And, it leads to a fact/value split, rendering only materialistic naturalism as the arbiter of values.]
  5. ID accords with the ideals of a free and open society [pluralism, open inquiry].
I would add that while it is accused of being religion in a cloak, and while some people want to abuse it that way, most common sense thinkers will recognize that this accusation is untrue.  This obvious lie will motivate people to support ID.