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Review: Mock ‘n’ Roll2 min read

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I was a little anxiouis about reviewing Mock ‘n’ Roll by Paul Aldrich. I have fairly high standards when it comes to comedy of any kind.

It is a hard thing to balance being a Christian comedian. Most Christian comedians are either "too Christian" (not enough comedian) or "too comedian" (and not enough Christian).

I was pleasantly surprised by Aldrich’s CD and the amazing balance that he is able to strike.

On Mock ‘n’ Roll, he weaves classic rock parodies through a (somewhat fictional) life story. Some of my favorites on the CD were: Gilligan’s P.C. Island that chronicles who the castaways would be today in an era of political correctness; New Age California (Hotel California) that describes the religious environment of his home state; and Green Acres/Purple Haze where somehow Aldrich combines the TV theme song with the Jimmy Hendrix classic.

If you go to his website, you can download several of his songs to see if you like it. From Mock ‘n’ Roll, you can listen to Gilligan’s P.C. Island, A Dyslexic Love Song and Kum Ba Yah 3.

I enjoyed the CD and wouldn’t mind hearing Aldrich if ever ventures away from New Age California to the Southeast.

Thanks to Mind & Media for providing the CD free of charge for me to review. If you would like to review books, films and music, contact Stacy Harp to become a Mind and Media reviewer.