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How Americans view our allies1 min read

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While most polls focus on how the international community views America, Harris Interactive continues their poll that shows how America views our allies and our enemies.

Some of the data shows a resentment towards nations that abandoned us during the current Iraq War, while some of the data shows many Americans woefully ignorant of our true allies.

All in all the Harris Poll is very informative.

France has moved from one of the strongest allies in the eyes of Americans to one of the least favored nations mentioned in the survey. In 2002, France was 8th. Now France is 16th with only 17% of Americans viewing the nation as a close ally, while 31% view them as not friendly to America and 10% see them as an enemy.

A surprising thing was the height of Canada on the survey. I would have thought they would have dropped from second, especially with the close relationship we have formed with Australia (3 in the survey) and the lack of encouragement we have received from them.

Also, how in the world is Mexico 6th, when they actively encourage people to break our laws and do nothing to help us curtail terrorists coming into our country?