Monthly Archive: March 2009

Evangelical conservative case against Rush

Most often conservatives, especially evangelical, are portrayed as followers ("easy to command" anyone?). However, there is wide variety among those that claim the label of "evangelical." Case in point, Christian conservative philosopher and professor John Mark Reynolds bluntly describes Rush's recent pronouncements at CPAC as...


Debunking FEMA camps

I don't watch Glenn Beck and I really don't care too much about this, but recently in a discussion here Glenn Beck was brought up as espousing conspiracy theories about FEMA camps. It turns out he does have a story coming up on them, but...


A civil compromise

The issue of abortion has long been one of the most contentious policy discussions in our nation, but perhaps gay marriage will (or already has) replaced it as the hot button culture issue. A simple reason for this may be that abortion survivors are few...


“Hypercosmic God” in “non-material realm”

French physicist and philosopher of science Bernard d’Espagnat recently was awarded the Templeton Prize, the largest annual prize in the world, which seeks to reconcile faith and science. What makes d’Espagnat’s work noteworthy, particularly to the Templeton Foundation is the contention that a “veiled reality”...


Why cartoonists can’t draw Obama as a monkey or a thug

One of the grossest sins of leftist ideology is the practice of reverse racism – that is, accepting racist and hateful remarks against the majority, while reviling even basic criticisms of trends in minority populations, let alone the common-sense use of profiling in criminal investigations....

More issues alert

One of the conservative PACs that send me emails is  Here's their latest, somewhat alarmist missive, which I wanted to share.  And while their tone is a little over the edge, at what point do we get alarmed?  Are we like the proverbial frog...



I'm ripping off ESPN's headline because it's hilarious. Here is the video of President Obama laying out his NCAA tournament brackets. Listen to this Post Voice-over by


Is it wrong to wish the President to fail?

Think about that question for a minute. Is it wrong (morally, politically, patriotically) for a citizen to wish publicly that their President will fail? If you are honest with yourself and remove yourself from the current situation the answer may surprise you? Listen to this...