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Barackotology1 min read

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I'm ripping off ESPN's headline because it's hilarious. Here is the video of President Obama laying out his NCAA tournament brackets.

Pres. Obama goes with "chalk" basically the whole way – three #1's and a #2 in the Final Four, with UNC beating Louisville for title.

As a Duke fan, It's good to know that I disagree with Obama on absolutely everything now.

It's pretty interesting to see the President go through his picks and why he makes his selections. You can tell he keeps up with sports.

Just a little aside rant of mine:
Some conservatives are giving him some grief for taking time during an economic crisis to evaluate college basketball picks. Others are saying that the media would be criticizing President Bush, if he had taken time to do the interview with ESPN during this time.

That may be the case, but it doesn't matter. It would be stupid for liberals to take a run at Bush because he filled out a bracket for ESPN, set up a fantasy baseball team or some other silly sports game. Just as it is stupid for them to do it, it is stupid for conservatives to do it. You can't complain that Bush would get criticized for doing this and then go and do the same to Obama. Hypocrisy is unattractive no matter who's doing it.