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Ten propositions on the Holy Spirit1 min read

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Trinity (Andrei Rublev)
Trinity (Andrei Rublev)

The Faith and Theology blog has an interesting, if esoteric article on the Holy Spirit. I’ve listed the ten points below, but if you want to actually understand them, have at it. Articles like this let me know that (a) I have far to go into the depth of theology, and (b) maybe I don’t want to go that far ;). I’ll be impressed if *any* of us have something thoughtful to say on this, but just maybe…I can hope.

  1. Two’s company, three’s a crowd: pneumatology has always been the odd ‘ology’ out in trinitarian thought.
  2. The Holy Spirit is God.
  3. What about the filioque?
  4. Is the Holy Spirit feminine? Don’t be silly! None of the Trinitarian personae is gendered.
  5. And God is who God is in God’s acts. What, then, does the Holy Spirit do?
  6. Constructive pneumatology: the Spirit is not [a] Person or thing, because the Spirit is [a] Person on thing. And the Spirit is [a] Person on thing because the Spirit is Person on Person.
  7. The church is itself a body-politic, instituted by the ascended Christ, constituted as the koinonia of the Holy Spirit.
  8. The Holy Spirit gathers the church – in order to send the church.
  9. Mission, however, transcends monological evangelism.
  10. The Holy Spirit is the divine glorifier.