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GUIDE: Favorite Productivity Podcasts2 min read

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portfoliolifeUpdated: 05.01.2017

Changes: Added lots

However, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite personal productivity podcasts, many of which are run by Christians. Enjoy.

My Current Favorites

  • The 5AM Miracle Podcast –  Not being a morning person, I was not immediately drawn to this podcast, but the high quality of the content has won me over. Great stuff here.
  • The Fizzle Show – just awesome advice for those trying to start their own business. Plus a real coaching program.
  • Hack the Entrepreneur – Jonny Nastor interviews leaders and learns one great hack from each. Really great stuff.
  • The Portfolio Life – aimed at aspiring authors, but this podcast is so much more. If you want to build your passion project into a job, listen in.
  • The Productivity Show by Asian Efficiency – this podcast needs to be rebranded without the “Asian” label (heck, we can’t even have Asian chicken salad no more)
  • Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn shares his failures, not just get rich quick advice. He’s a family man with a plan, and great wisdom.
  • The Ziglar Show – Zig Ziglar’s son Tom and Kevin Miller regularly review and update the widsom of Zig. Nice.

Previous Favorites

New Podcasts I Am Exploring

Now go build your dream life!