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GUIDE: Best Atheist / Secularist / Anti-theist Podcasts?3 min read

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I love the whole debate scene, and I have listened to a lot of Christian and non-Christian news podcasts, and narrowed down my favorites to Guide: Favorite Podcasts for Christians. Now, I want to venture out into the land of my ideological opponents.  Here’s my list so far.  Most of these I got from the list at Podcast Alley.

Last Update: 06.07.12



  • Point of Inquiry (Weekly, 30 min) – Explores pseudoscience, alternative medicine, religion, and secularism.  Interviews various scientists and thinkers. Great thought provoker.
  • Secular Nation Podcast (Bimonthly, 40 min) – Good content, low noise, essays, often read by various authors.
  • The Thinking Atheist – (Weekly, 60 min | RSS) Another ex-pastor, who, despite his sometimes patronizing and exasperated tone, understands the motives and perspectives of Christians pretty well.


  • Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot (Random schedule and duration) – podcast of one of the few atheist blogs I enjoy, Common Sense Atheism.  Focuses on Philosophy of Religion, features, interviews with the BEST in the field, both theist and anti-theist. Unfortunately, Luke may be moving on to other disciplines, but his archive is rich with fantastic interviews.
  • The Critical Thinker (Monthly, 30-60 min, RSS) – A secularist podcast, has neat video and audio on critical thinking.


  • American Freethought (Weekly, 60 min) – Good luck finding the podcast link on their website, but I found it at Podcast Alley.
  • Apologia (Weekly, 60 min) –  a friendly forum for both theists and non-theists to come together in search of some common understanding. Rather than a contentious debate format, Apologia provides a setting in which all participants can discuss without confrontation.
  • Atheist Talk (Bimonthly, 30-60 min) – From Minnesota Atheists, issues driven, interviews.  Good content, but poor audio quality (echoey).
  • A Christian and an Atheist (Weekly, 60 min) – friendly dialogue, good natured.
  • The Good Atheist (Weekly, 30 min, EXPLICIT) – definitely has some profanity, thoughtful, shows some healthy skepticism of Dawkins, Hitchens, et al.  Kinda fun.
  • The Infidel Guy (Weekly, 60 min) – Has high profile guests.


  • The Atheist Experience (Weekly, 90 min) – long, snarky, newsy, low content/noise ratio
  • Chariots of Iron (Biweekly, 90+ min) – too conversational, light snark, low content/conversation ratio
  • Digital Bits Skeptic (Weekly, 5-15 min) – Short single-subject reading of articles, most original by author.  Audio has a bit of an echo to it, not too professional. But, bite size.
  • Dogma Free America (Weekly, 50-80 min) – long, snarky, newsy, low content/noise ratio
  • Reasonable Doubts (Weekly, 60 min) – snarky, conversational, newsy
  • Skepticality (Bimonthly, 60 min) – The official podcast of Skeptic Magazine.  Professional, conversational, but low content/conversation.  Not anti-religious.
  • The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe (Weekly, 80 min) – not snarky, somewhat intelligent and good content, but a little too conversational.  Probably for those who like long informational talk shows.