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Massachusetts: A bellwether for the country?4 min read

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As Newt Gingrich pointed out today in What’s Going on in Massachusetts?, Scot Brown, the GOP challenger in Massechusetts in the run for former Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat, raised $1.3B this past week alone, and is now neck and neck with the liberal candidate.  This is remarkable because MA might be the most liberal state in our nation, and if it is having this trouble, this might be a sign of what’s to come in the midterm elections.

One of my friends thinks that it’s just a reflection of conservative angst, not a movement or trend.  Newt and I disagree with him.  We see it, albeit with hope, as a sign of what is really happening – the nation is finally waking up to the false promises (read “lies”) of liberal economics and policy in general.

Obama’s aggregate overall approval rating is 47% approve, which means that his approval level is not shared by any vast majority, and surely the ‘mandate’ days are over.  Esp. when you look at the aggregate data for the Health Care boondoggle. On health care, there’s a whopping 23% gap between those who approve and those who don’t.

I really think that non-Obamaites are:

  1. Scared – of the crushing debts Obama is creating.
  2. Disillusioned – by the lack of improvement the ‘stimuli’ bills have made – and nobody really believes the constant spin about things ‘getting better’ when jobless rates remain high. It’s more likely perceived as hand-waving made by the same prognosticators who didn’t see this coming in the first place.
  3. Angry – at the dismissive, arrogant manner in which the Obama admin treats dissenters, esp. the Tea Party movement, which is more than Hannity followers obeying Fox news.
  4. Furious – at the non-transparent, non-partisan strong arming going on with the health care bill, as evidenced by the breathtaking backroom deals (like the Nebraska Senator, who despite bargaining for free Medicare in his state, is now vastly unpopular IN HIS OWN STATE), the rush votes at obscure times of the early morning on bills that no one has read, the exclusion of the other party, the avoidance of sending the current bills to Committee – all of this stinks to high heaven of corruption, blind ideological fanaticism, and fascist power grabbing that makes previous administrations look like children by comparison.

But here’s the point. Newt claims that Mass. is a bellwether – if the most liberal state in the Union is having trouble filling Kennedy’s seat with a liberal, why is that? Libs say that it’s just the current heat of conservative angst.

I agree with Newt that it is more likely something more, something that those of us outside of the Obama haze feel quite clearly – that the Libs are hanging themselves with their own rope. leaping the bounds of ethics, treating Americans with disdain, ignoring plain financial wisdom and putting us all at risk.

And the groundswell against them, no matter how temporary some think it is, will almost surely grow until the midterm elections. And Mass. may be the first to fall.

I am glad that the libs are overplaying their hands so boldly – it builds resolve in conservatives and shows us what the logical extremes of their ideology are without having to extrapolate. As long as they don’t pass this monstrosity, or it can be repealed, I will be OK. And I will be working the elections this November for the first time in a long time – let’s just say that the Obama administration has activated even lazy old me.