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ONN Headlines 09/30/091 min read

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Baucus' proposal contains 'hidden consequences'
healthcare expert says the healthcare bill drafted by Senator Max
Baucus creates new taxes and cuts to the Medicare program to reduce the
cost to the federal government, but does nothing to reduce the cost of
healthcare in the family budget.

Perspective: The brainy bunch
people have been very impressed with how brainy the president and his
advisers are. May I note — for creating a truly monumental disaster,
you need people with high IQs.

McLaren move dangerous, confusing
Albert Mohler says Christians should not observe Muslim "holy days," no
matter how well-intentioned they may be. VOTE IN A RELATED POLL

Rifqa's tale – a cultural omen?
attorney Mat Staver says the ongoing saga of a teenage Christian
convert who fled from Ohio to Florida in fear of her life may be an
indication of things to come.

Feature: Why is there suffering if God is Good?
this human element that Alcorn uses to make this book so strong, so
captivating, so practical for all of us who have been devastated by
loss, pain, or evil.