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One News Now Daily Report 2009/09/041 min read

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Will Rangel wrangle out of this one?
ethics watchdog group is calling for a criminal investigation of New
York Congressman Charlie Rangel, the powerful chairman of the House
Ways and Means Committee. VOTE IN A RELATED POLL

Rifqa can remain
Bary, a 17-year-old girl who says she ran away from her Muslim family
in Ohio because she feared she could be killed for converting to
Christianity, can remain in Florida for now. She's 'safest in Florida,'
says terrorism expert

Perspective: Why parents don't trust Obama
You can take Obama from the radicals in Chicago — but you can't take the Chicago radicalism out of Obama.

No Harry Reid – change Nevadans can believe in
Nevada-based political action committee is raising money to help to
defeat Democratic Senator Harry Reid in his re-election bid next year.

Budget woes force layoffs at Focus
Focus on the Family says it's laying off 8 percent of its work force.