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Can we all agree …2 min read

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that no one who has signed a Birther or Truther petition should be tolerated within our government, either as an elected official or as an appointed adviser?

And also, if it comes to light that someone did sign one of those documents and participated in a rally specifically focused on the conspiracy theory, then when the public outcry forces a resignation/firing, we will not laud said conspiracy loon as a martyr of the opposing side, but rather rejoice that a kook lost his or her position of influence because of their own stupidity?

We will also expect anyone who played a prominent role in elevating said loon to thier position to at least publically distance themselves from the aforementioned moron. If the kook campaigned for you or you campaigned for the kook, you should at least give a statement expressing your displeasure with the sentiments apparently embraced by the loon. If you appointed said loon, your response should include more than thanking them for their time of service. You should at least make it clear, even if it was already, that you do not embrace the nutjob views and will not tolerate anyone under your employment who does.

You show me a conservative Birther and I show you someone I do not want representing my values in the public arena. I would hope liberals could, would and will say the same thing about Truthers.

The kooks and loons are the far end of the political spectrum are much close to each other than they are comfortable with admitting and than they are to the rest of us.

No Birthers. No Truthers. Should be an easy agreement to keep, no?