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One News Now Daily Report 2009/09/011 min read

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Ohio mosque a 'danger' to teen convert
Orlando, Florida, attorney has filed court documents to support his
contention that a Columbus, Ohio-area mosque has ties to terrorist
groups and would present a clear and present danger to a 17-year-old
Christian convert from Islam who fled to Florida in fear of her life.

Perspective: Jesus the socialist?
shouldn't let our politics inform our faith — otherwise we get
arguments like "Jesus would vote for government-run healthcare." Sorry,

Baucus under fire for bipartisan healthcare efforts
Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) says his longtime friend and colleague Max
Baucus (D-Montana) is feeling the heat from the White House and fellow
Democrats who want to go it alone on healthcare reform instead of
reaching a bipartisan compromise.

Cyber security plan gives Obama control of Internet
The Internet Security Alliance disagrees with Senator Jay Rockefeller's approach to cyber security.

NEA reveals true stance on homosexual marriage
Does the NEA support same-sex marriage?