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One News Now Daily Report 2009/08/311 min read

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More handouts in store for big banks?
leading free-market economist says because of the bank bailouts
authorized by the Bush and Obama administrations, any big bank that
runs into trouble is both so large that it has to be dealt with and has
the expectation that it will be bailed out by the federal government.

London newspaper claims Lockerbie bomber not so ill
conservative British scholar says he believes Scottish authorities
might have been conned into believing that the recently released
Lockerbie bomber was more ill than he actually was.

Teen Gitmo detainee sues U.S. for mistreatment
senior Army strategist and Pentagon advisor says he is not surprised
that a terrorist suspect recently released from the Guantanamo Bay
detention facility in Cuba would try to sue the United States over his
treatment there.

Healthcare reform bill a 'feeder system' for abortion
A Catholic pro-life leader calls H.R. 3200 the "Planned Parenthood economic stimulus package."

Feature: Forgotten – Christians in Palestine
combination of threats and intimidation from Muslim extremists and the
fallout from the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict are driving many
Palestinian Christians from their ancestral homes.