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What is the conservative alternative for health care reform?1 min read

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Don't know?  It's not because it does not exist, it's because the MSM could care less, and so could the Obama administration.  It seems to me that all he is doing is trying to streamroll his ideological and non-sustainable program through as fast as possible.

But ask Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl of Arizona if the GOP is just trying to make Obama fail, he responds "that's just a political ad."  In a short interview this morning on NPR, he was clear, calm, and sensible.  Please, may sense prevail, because

  • Health care in America is still better than elsewhere in the world, not on the verge of catastrophe (like all liberal issues which are trumped up to emergencies)
  • The Obama plan will make it WORSE, not better. 

I mean, wanna see government run healthcare?  Look at Medicare (insolvent), Veterans Care (poor), Native American Care (poor), and Social Security (insolvent).  They can't even run the "Cash for Clunkers" program well.

The minority whip sounds sane.  Obama's plan is insane, just like a real Joker might promote.  Give a listen to Kyl: Health Care Fix Should Be Right, Not Just Quick.