I get this daily email from One News Now, and for you Chrsitian conservatives, I think it is pretty good.  Here's today's just FYI.

Obama opposed healthcare reform before he was for it
Senator Jim DeMint says President Obama has consistently opposed
Republican proposals that would make healthcare insurance less
expensive and more accessible to the American public.

Pastors consider costs of staying, leaving denomination
members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America are considering
options after the denomination decided to allow non-celibate
homosexuals and lesbians to be pastors.

Blue Dog Dem claims 'stimulus' is working
Democratic congressman from Mississippi says his state would have been
in "a terrible condition" without the enactment of President Obama's
"stimulus" package more than six months ago.

Libya shows true colors as terrorist returns
celebrations in Libya following the release of the only terrorist
convicted in the 1988 Lockerbie plane bombing illustrate that country
still embraces rogue states and terrorists across the globe. That's
according to Pentagon advisor Bob Maginnis.

Perspective: The waste of Woodstock
some choose to set aside childish things, others choose to define their
existence by them. That's the true legacy of Woodstock.