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Loving one’s neighbor through government programs1 min read

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William Lane Craig, who usually sticks to apologetics and debates (he is arguably the best living Christian apologist and philosopher), takes on Obamacare in Bearing False Witness.

Craig suggests a few of questions that conservatives need to ask and that need to be seriously discussed:

  1. Is this more efficiently and effectively done through govenment or private charity?
  2. Is the healthcare program going to be so overburdened that it will lead to rationing?  What in the bill prevents this outcome?
  3. It is not important what might be included (Iike abortion), but why is abortion not explicitly EXCLUDED just to prove Obama's claims that these moneys won't be used for abortions?

Obamacare is a fiasco that I hope never passes, and I hope that the death of Ted Kennedy doesn't give it a sympathy boost.  Our great country can NOT go this direction and be fiscally and socially sound. 

Promote the general welfare, not PROVIDE.