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P.Z. Myers – antagonistic atheist1 min read

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P.Z. Myers has never been one to shy away from controversy or confrontation, especially when it comes to his favorite target – religion. In his latest step of escalation, Myers published a picture on his blog which contained a communion wafer with a rusty nail through it as well as pages riped from a Qur’an.

This was a planned stunt by Myers. He has often stated his desire to obtain a communion wafer for the purpose of defiling it. He asked readers of his blog to help him in this, since, as he said, he could not get into any Catholic Churches near him because they were on the look at for him.

How effective will this more aggressive method characterized by Myers, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and others be in 1) convincing others to become atheists, 2) winning the "PR battle" in the public sphere? Is that even their goal or is it simply to ridicule those with whom they disagree?