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Wrap-up of ABC’s God debate2 min read

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SBC Outpost pretty much sums up my feelings about the debate between Christians Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron and atheists Brian Sapient and Kelly.

In a debate during which one has committed not to use faith or the Bible to scientifically prove the existence of God and then two of your three debate points (creation, conscience and personal conversion) depend solely on faith and the Bible, then you automatically lose. If fact, during his first response Sapient pointed out that Cameron and Comfort had already lost and everyone should just go home and he was actually right. Obviously that did not settle the larger question, but the “debate” was over in my mind.

I’ll be the first to say that I might not have done any better, but I’m also not the one who threw down the gauntlet for a public debate. In fairness to Comfort and Cameron, the moderator appeared more than a bit biased at times and, in a move demonstrating editorial stupidity, ABC cut off the online segments just when rationalist Kelly had made the most lame and demonstrably false statement of the entire debate by questioning the historicity of Jesus Christ. That comment even drew moans from the small group gathered to watch. However, based on the thorough unpreparedness that had been demonstrated previously, I’m not certain that either of the Way of the Master guys would have been able to amount much of a counter attack. And that is sad.