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Apocolyptic Postman1 min read

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Cineaste sent me this story about a young entrepreneurial atheist who pledges to deliver letters to those “left behind” post-rapture, since he obviously will not be taken up to heaven.

While I may question his theologic knowledge, I can’t question Joshua Witter’s capitalistic spirit and sense of humor.

Others questioned more than that. Kim F. wrote, “I am shocked at your website. It is not even remotely funny. … All who are a part of this, surely, God will judge to damnation.”

I’m not sure what Kim wants an atheists to do or believe. If someone is an atheist of course they are not going to believe in a rapture and obviously the idea will seem rather strange, to say the least.

Christians need to have a sense of humor about these things, besides we know we will have the last laugh.