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Sympathy for the Beastialist1 min read

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ZooLooks like a new semi-documentary at the Cannes film festival entitled Zoo "depicts
the men [who have sex with horses] in a sympathetic light, one that
tries to push the viewers to understanding their sexual perversion."  It has surprisingly good reviews from the MSM (56% at rotten tomatoes), but should I be surprised?  No.

Now, I don’t blame gays for this slide down the slippery slope of public morality, but the same logic that says "how can
you judge gays?" gets applied here to bestialists.  Why judge if the horses don’t
mind?  The fact is, we can reason our way to the immorality of both,
because both are against our physical design, i.e. against nature.
Just because the doorknob turns me on doesn’t mean that’s normal and healthy.  Really.

Note the sexy naked man in the eye of the horse.  How romantic, maybe my wife and I should see this on date night for a little stimulation.  As Jim Carey would say, "YUMmy"