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The Ugly Side of Islam – Acid Attacks1 min read

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I’m sorry, but the more I research Islam, the more I realize that only a deluded fool could think it a religion of peaceThis article (and this) have horrific pictures (not for children or the squeamish – extreme gore) of women and children who have been burned by acid by fellow Muslim men for such things as refusing to be married at 15.  Have you seen this done in the name of Christianity in our time?  Ever?  This is as bad or worse than the crimes of social Darwinist Nazis or atheist Communists.

I don’t want to get caught up in condemning the dark when I should be holding up a light, nor do I want to focus on or demonize one particular group, but let me repeat that Islam is the single most deadly threat to modern civilization, and we should all unite to not only condemn these horrific practices and doctrines, and those of us who call ourselves Christian should also focus our prayers and labors on reaching the Muslims who are the victims of this oppressive, evil ideology.  Right now, I am all talk and no action, but these pictures are deeply disturbing.  I don’t even think it is worth arguing with atheists anymore.  They are inert compared to such evils.