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Non-Christian support for traditional marriage1 min read

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Many feel that only the religous support continuing the traditional definition for marriage. However, some non-religious conservatives and even some on the left see the value in the government supporting traditional marriage.*

*The blogger, Ace, uses large amounts of sarcasm, profanity (though not in this post) and a lot of inside jokes that. He also has an ongoing “blog-fued” with Andrew Sullivan.

Also, the comments are unfortunately filled with a lot of gay slurs which illustrate two things: 1) it reiterates my point about more than Christians being opposed to gay marriage 2) people can be extremely corse, arrogant and hurtful over the internet. The sad reality of freedom of speech.

I post this only to draw from the points made from a non-religious standpoint about the state having the responsibility to preserve the species and a stable, two-parent traditional home being the best place to accomplish this.

I’m curious as to how those who support gay marriage respond to these points.